Category: Ongoing projects

New Saint Maur- Créteil Station, Line 15 Sud

Construction site: New Saint Maur - Créteil Station, Line 15 Sud – SGP (Société du grand Paris)

Client: 72b Eiffage-Razel-Bec Group.

Contacts: Messrs. Griboval, Bodinaud, Gravier, Elluin, Frene

Equipment 1: Working platform for movement of the staff , telescopic platform, wall formwork support

Equipment 2: Platform to close slab opening supporting forklift

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Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Plant

Client: BYLOR Joint-Venture Laing O’Rourke.

Contacts: Messrs. Noel & Chaix de Lavarenne.

Design and manufacturing of self-climbing formwork for 2 new containment units for the nuclear power station at Hinkley Point C, England.

1800 Tonnes of formwork.

January 2020, Concrete pouring of First Lift.

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Hekla Tower La Défense

Client: Bateg.

First concrete pouring of a column diam.1,250m – height 10,40m.

Self-placing concrete 34T of pressure at formwork base.

Formwork is leaned against a set of wall forms to simplify stability and access.

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DEC Construction site Porte de la Chapelle, Paris

Client: Léon Grosse.

Contacts: Messrs. Letort & Ballout.

Façade formwork with white concrete.

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Duo Towers 1 & 2

Client: Bateg

Contacts : Messrs. Bail & Delmas. Mrs de Montmarin & Mrs Divet. Mr Duque Hoyos

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Legendre Valeo

Client: Legendre Valéo.

Working platform for tilted wall formwork.

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Bouygues UK – Cambridge Site

Client: Bouygues UK

Contacts: M. M. Guérin et Mondy.

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Alto Tower, Paris

Client: Bouygues.

Design and manufacturing of safety fence and column formwork.

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Legendre, Tombe Issoire site

Client: Legendre

Renovation of a building in Paris.

Study & design of the working platforms.

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Eiffage Highway ramp B5 Nanterre site B640

Client: Eiffage.

Contacts: Messrs. Lapostolle & Grosjean.

Design and supply of 2 shuttering table systems.

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