Tag: Column formwork

Hekla Tower La Défense

Client: Bateg.

First concrete pouring of a column diam.1,250m – height 10,40m.

Self-placing concrete 34T of pressure at formwork base.

Formwork is leaned against a set of wall forms to simplify stability and access.

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Duo Towers 1 & 2

Client: Bateg

Contacts : Messrs. Bail & Delmas. Mrs de Montmarin & Mrs Divet. Mr Duque Hoyos

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Bouygues UK – Cambridge Site

Client: Bouygues UK

Contacts: M. M. Guérin et Mondy.

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Alto Tower, Paris

Client: Bouygues.

Design and manufacturing of safety fence and column formwork.

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Bouygues Bâtiment: Avenue Charles de Gaulle

Client: Bouygues Bâtiment île de France.

Column formwork with keying beam

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